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Hello I am 19 years old I had sexual relationship with my boyfriend about 8 days ago it was not that safe because first we started without a comdon but then he put it on. Next day, I took the plan b pill the morning after and I want my period to come because I have been very very nervous. I can not sleep or think of anything else than that. My period is supposedly going to come in may 24 or 25 but I heard that provera can make my period come faster and sooner is that true? provera 10mg for ten days?

Plan B is one of the most effective methods of emergency contraceptive. That you are also on provera makes pregnancy even less likely. Provera can indeed cause your period to come sooner but every patient metabolizes the hormones differently so it is difficult to say when your period will come. If you have missed your period, you should take a pregnancy test 7-10 days after the missed period.