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I’m 20. I’ve had a lot of stress in my life the last two years with my parents and my grandpa dying. I have trouble concentrating and thinking which I know is from all the stress. I have trouble at night though. It’s like my mind goes all random and it goes to random thoughts and strange dreams. Then sometimes I have to snap myself out of the randomness. It’s like I’m half dreaming half asleep sometimes…like my mind is really tired and being sucked into this alternate reality at night. I think it’s affecting me a little more like when I wake up I have a few seconds of confusion and now while I’m awake it feels a little like I’m walking around in a dream. Just a little though. I mean I still have feelings, love for people/pets around me. I know I’m here, this is the world, but it seems dull. I know it has meaning and feelings but it’s like my mind is thinking otherwise –like dull, confused, it’s hard to explain. Does this have a name or explanation?

Your symptoms are most likely to fall under the umbrella of acute stress disorder or adjustment disorder. Regardless, it appears that you are under a great deal of stress. If your symptoms cause you to a great deal of distress or you find that you are unable to function, there are treatments available.

Some physicians believe talk therapy is the best method and others believe benzodiazepines and antidepressants are more effective in treating acute cases of adjustment disorder or acute stress disorder. Therefore, you should be evaluate by your physician and explore treatment optiosn.