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I am a 20 year old female. I have an enlarged tonsil and I have these white, round things that come out of it. It is itchy and sore around my tonsil and my ears. I have this occure multiple times throughout a year. I also have a lot of problems with strep throat. What can I do to prevent this? Some people say I should get my tonsils removed and it will help. Is this true?

You should be evaluated by your primary care physician as it appears that you are suffering from tonsillitis or perhaps recurrent / chronic tonsillitis. Tonsillectomy is absolutely indicated for patients with airway obstruction, sleep disturbance, or an infection that is unresponsive to medications. Tonsillectomy is indicated in patients with over persistent infections yearly despite medical therapy or one sided swelling that is suspicious for malignancy.

In your case, you have reported to have multiple recurrent episodes of tonsillitis with strep throat. You may therefore be carrying a resistant strain of bacteria that is unresponsive to the typical antibiotics. If you have failed medical management, then surgery will most likely be recommended for you to cure you of your recurrent tonsillitis and strep throat.