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About 3 weeks ago I started haveing stomach pains, passing stool that had blood in it (less then a spoonful) and was sometimes yellow, diarrhea, mucusy and sometimes ideal looking. I was having muscle twitches in the leg in abdomen and pain in my sides. I went to the ER after I was spitting up blood, I received an Abdominal CT scan, blood work, a Chest X-ray and Urology all came back clear. They told me the blood I spit was from an apple I ate that cut capalaries in my throat and that im probably constipated. I was giving a perscription for a stool softener which I did not use because I had diarrhea the next day. I was supposed to see the Clinic today but I did not go as all these symptoms have passed. My mother said my much younger sister once had the same symptoms but by the time she took her to the doctor they said whatever she had has passed, was I wrong to not go to the clinic?

If you can help it, you should keep your clinic appointments. Constipation can cause bloody stools especially if you have hemorrhoids as well. Your symptoms are vague and do not point to one diagnosis over another. Viral syndromes, autoimmune disease, and anatomic abnormalities can all cause the symptoms you are describing. Since your sister also had similar symptoms, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease should be ruled out. Given that you are asymptomatic at this time, if your symptoms return, you should return to your doctor and be worked up for possible causes.