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I am 30 weeks pregnant. I have degenerative disk disease and 2 bulging disks, so i have constant back leg and feet pain. However since about 24 weeks My feet pain has greatly increased and both of my feet seem to be numb on the inside of my heels. I have calluses and cracked heels as well so I don’t really know what is going on. Even though there is numbing there is still pain. Help!

Pregnancy is likely to increase back pain because of the added weight of the fetus stresses your spine.

Your foot pain and swelling is most likely not related to the back pain. It is, however, related to the pregnancy. As your fetus grows and your uterus enlarges in size, it compresses the major vein that returns blood to your heart from your legs. This in turn causes your feet to swell and this is to be expected during pregnancy.

Because of the added weight of the pregnancy women can expect to permanently grow in shoe size as well if they don’t wear proper footwear. The added weight can compress the ligaments of your feet and decrease the size of your arch. Therefore, proper arch support is recommended to avoid compressive foot problems during pregnancy.

You should consult with your obstetrician but some recommendations include:
elevate your feet as often as possible
avoid sleeping on your back
avoid restrictive shoes
wear shoes with proper arch support or wear arch supporting insoles (avoid flip flops)

You should follow up with your obstetrician to evaluate your foot and back problems and have him/her put in specific recommendations to minimize your discomfort.