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I am 53 years old (yesterday) and 2 months ago was my first weird period only 1 day of bleeding. For the past month, bleeding first day, and brownish secretion every day since just enough to ruin your cloths. Until yesterday heavy period again. I know this is normal but I have heard you can get quarterized to stop this. Is that true? And if yes is it safe and does not alter normal menopause stuff?

Abnormal menstruation with varied bleeding, spotting, and missed periods can be observed during menopause. However, you require a physical exam by your gynecologist to determine if your discharge part of normal menopause or if further workup is required.

Cauterization of the endometrial lining is typically reserved for cases of severe bleeding in which malignancy and other medical cause have been ruled out. You will need to be evaluated by your gynecologist to determine if you qualify. Cauterization will not affect the course of menopause as it does not affect the ovaries.