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Who we are: is a free service provided to you by American
trained health care professionals in the fields of medicine,
dentistry, pharmacy, and nutrition. Your questions posted
on the site are reviewed and answered by our doctors and
experts who volunteer their services.


How we are different: is a free question and answer service. We
differ from other sites in that:

  1. We will never ask you to pay any membership,
    registration, or consultation fees.

  2. Users are allowed to comment, but all of the answers
    will be provided by approved medical professionals.

  3. All of our doctors and experts trained at American
    Universities, Medical Schools, or Accredited Medical

  4. You can ask doctors medical questions directly and
    receive specific answers to your questions instead
    of browsing through lists of symptoms and diseases


How we started: was started in 2008 as a forum for
friends and family to ask medical questions. Since then,
we’ve expanded our capabilities to answer the questions
of anyone with access to our site.


Our mission statement:

We believe that everyone is entitled to have their medical
questions answered free of any fees or subscriptions. Our
doctors and experts aim to provide quality, accurate, and
professional answers in a timely fashion. We are committed
to providing our services to you free of charge.