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I used to take Ambien XR 10mg on a nightly basis and just switched to Lunesta 3mg. I had a hard time sleeping after taking my Lunesta medication as prescribed and took a second pill to sleep. I’m seeking advice on whether or not I should continue taking two Lunesta 3mg pills to sleep.

Ambien (zolpidem) and Lunesta (eszopiclone) are both used for sleep aid but their effects on patients are different. Patients have different reactions to Ambien and Lunesta and some experience side effects with one drug but not the other.

Users of Ambien typically report going to sleep fast but Ambien did not stop nighttime waking. Unfortunately, Ambien can cause both tolerance and dependancy.

Lunesta, on the other hand, is FDA approved for long-term use for sleep aid. Tolerance typically does not occur until after 4 months of use. Unfortunately there is a cohort of patients who find it difficult to fall asleep with Lunesta.

Lunesta is only approved to be taken at a maximum of 3 mg. For your safety, it is not advisable to be taking any more than 3mg of Lunesta per day as prescribed by your doctor. When taking Lunesta, you should avoid eating fatty foods as that may decrease the drug’s absorption. I would recommend taking Lunesta for a few nights and if it is not working for you, you should be re-evaluated by your doctor.