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My arms go dead. It happend just often when I had something to drink. I stoped completely, but it is still happening, and it is more frequent now than before.What can be the cause?

Isolated arm numbness can be benign or a symptom of an underlying decision. That you are experiencing it in both your arms suggests a systemic or neurologic cause as opposed to local trauma. However, common things being common, carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve compression are common causes of arm pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by repetitive wrist movements, such as typing, that cause stress to the tendons and nerves in the wrist. Ulnar nerve compression is often caused by people who lean on their elbows or rest their forearms on the edge of their table. This can result in arm pain and numbness that radiates from the forearm to the ring and little finger.
With local trauma ruled out, the likely culprits can be divided into endocrine diseases, neurologic diseases, cardiac/vascular disease, or vitamin deficiencies.
Regarding endocrine diseases, diabetes is a common cause of peripheral neuropathy where your limbs become numb secondary to nerve death. However, peripheral neuropathy usually starts affecting the lower extremities first. Your doctor can screen for diabetes by measuring your blood sugar.
Neurologic diseases such as spinal cord compression, radiculopathies, and spinal cord diseases can also cause bilateral arm pain. The likely culprits can be ruled out with a neurologic exam supplemented with x-rays and/or MRI as well as blood tests for syphillis.
Arm pain can also be a sign of arterial insufficiency or cardiac problems such as angina where chest pain is often referred to the arm.
Finally, as you mentioned that you get arm pain while drinking, vitamin deficiencies such as Vitamin B12 and Thiamine can cause peripheral nerve problems.
Because your symptoms are increasing in frequency, a full medical workup is warranted by your medical doctor to identify and treat the underlying cause.

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