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Out of the blue, blood appeared underneath my old cellulitis scar that is seven years old. W hat oculd be the cause of this? And also i have a sore throat and I think one of my tear ducts are infected because the inner corner of my eye is swollen and red it also hurts. I’m not sure if these symptoms are related or not but just to be on the safe side I put them in here anyway.

It is difficult to determine the cause of your blood underneath your old cellulitis scar without a complete history and proper physical exam. Therefore a visit to your primary care doctor is warranted.

Regarding your clogged nasolacrimal duct, an ophthalmologist is the specialist who can best diagnose your condition and properly tailor a treatment regimen. If the duct is infected, antibiotics may be prescribed. Conservative treatment methods for noninfected obstructions include warm compresses and gentle massage. If the patient fails that, then surgical methods by an opthalmologist or otolaryngologist may need to be employed to unclog the nasolacrimal duct.