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One of the children I’m (female, 18) babysitting (male, 11 years) flipped and hit his head on the street. He couldn’t stand at first and I literally had to hold him up and carry him so he could lay in the car. He eventually was able to stumble to the house and put ice on his head. It’s been awhile and he still has to hold onto things to walk. He says his getting worse but the nausea he was feeling is a hit better but is still there. Only one pupil dilates when light is flashed in eyes. Does this means he has a concussion and if so what should I do?

Anyone with suspected intracranial trauma should be taken to the hospital immediately. The injury to the child you are babysitting qualifies as intracranial trauma. The injury is serious because of his inability to stand at first. In addition, the symptom of only one pupil dilating is suggestive of far more than intracranial trauma – inability of a pupil to dilate is correlated to impingement of the optic nerve cause by increasing intracranial pressure from a bleed, swelling, or other process.

It must be re-iterated that anyone suspected of having intracranial trauma must be taken to the hospital immediately for evaluation. Users must not accessing this website or any online resource for advice on medical emergencies.

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