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I have cyst on the side of my throat and I need a surgery i live in vegas but don’t know where to go to have surgery as I’ve been told to do. I am female 42 yrs old and have been with this for about 2 months. I feel more pain when I am angry.

Your choice of hospital to have the surgery depends on your insurance status. If you have insurance and your primary care physician informed you of the need for surgery, (s)he can refer you to an otolaryngologist (ENT surgeon) who is within your insurance network. If you are unable to meet with your primary care physician, you can call your insurance company to ask for an in network otolaryngologist.

If you do not have insurance, most large medical centers (and especially university medical centers) have specialty surgery clinics for the uninsured. You should call the hospital and schedule an appointment for the ENT clinic. Most hospitals will offer surgery for those in need and some may offer discounts for elective surgery.

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