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i have had many cystoscopy/ureteroscopys and im wondering if this could prevent me from getting pregnant? I am 30 and have been trying for over a year now.

Cystoscopy is the direct visualization of the urinary bladder with a scope inserted via the urethra. Ureteroscopy is the direct visualization of the uterus with a scope via the cervix. Unless the scoping caused some organ damage or biopsies/scrapings were taken of the uterus, the processes themselves should not affect the rate of pregnancy.

For your reference, in the United States the live birth rate for young healthy couples is about 21-25% per menstrual cycle (in other words, there are approximately 21-25 live births per 100 menstrual cycles). For young healthy couples who are unable to conceive after trying for a year, it is recommended that they seek a consult from their gynecologist or visit a fertility expert for an evaluation.