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I’ve had my daughter for spring break since last Sunday, about 2 weeks ago she had bronchitis and was treated for it, still has a cough. the last 2 nights she has woke up in dead sleep hyperventilating, i took her in to a quick care they did a xray of her heart and a physical and everything was normal, dr told me if it happens again take her to the er, happened last night and took her to the er and they took blood tests but everything came back normal, she woke this morning with another one, and know this is not normal! i am concerned, and don’t know what to do, please help! thank you

It sounds as if your daughter is having symptoms of reactive airway disease – possibly even asthma. If her symptoms have not improved with amoxicillin treatment, then a different antibiotic might be warranted. In addition, if your daughter has not been evaluated for asthma, now would be a good time for an evaluation.

With the symptoms you are describing, a trial of inhaled bronchodilating medication might be the best initial course of action.