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I have been dealing with an itchy scalp for about 5 years. One Dr. said it was dry scalp now it has gotten to the point that when my head sweats it burns and omg it itches so bad I could scratch until it bleeds I now have some scabs where i have scratched really working in my nerves going around everyday several times a day clawing my scalp ive tried many shampoos for dry scalp i have slept many times in different types of oil I am now taking benedril just to try and not scratch my scalp this is on my nervees so bad It’s 4 in the morning and I cant sleep because my scalp itches so severe please help!

You should be evaluated by a dermatologist. Itchy scalp is a common problem but it appears that yours is abnormally itchy. Generally, itchy scalp can be due to over-washing and inadequate oil production resulting in a dry scalp. Alternatively, you should also be evaluated for head lice.