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Hi doctor, I’d do appreciate it if you would kindly help me out. I am 30 years old female, about 5 months ago I fell on my left knee and twisted my knee. There was a popping sound and I couldn’t stand on my knee at all, I went to ER and they did an x-ray which showed no fracture. The pain continued and I went to a surgeon,he ordered MRI. The doctor, gave me two injections in joints and my knee was immobilized for 10 days and then I had PT for 20 sessions. The problem is that I still have pain on the side of my knee cap and it’s still swollen. I cant extend my knee fully as it’s really painful. Especially when I’m sitting and I try to lift and extend my leg it hurts so much that makes me cry.Also I’m experiencing muscle atrophy which really scaring me as my left leg looks thinner than my right leg. Please help me out and let me know what’s going on with my knee and what would be treatment options for me.

It appears you have a partial tear as well as bone bruising. Your major ligaments are intact, though, which is reassuring. However, bone bruising can take several months to heal. During the healing process, atrophy is to be expected but the muscle mass evens out over time as the patient recovers function of the knee.

Each patient is individual so a treatment regimen must be tailored to you by your primary physician. Aside from rest, ice, and analgesia, there is no proven drug or treatment that accelerates healing time. You should continue with your physical therapy as maintaining joint mobility is essential for making a full recovery.