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I have been experiencing pain in my left chest area for 3 days now. As far as I know, I did not do anything to aggravate it. Any idea of the cause?

Any chest pain not related to trauma can be a warning sign of an underlying heart condition especially those with increased cardiac risk (history of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart problems, etc.) such as yourself. The pain would be especially worrisome if it increases with exertion and activity, increases in magnitude, is associated with shortness of breath, associated with a ripping pain down the back, or is associated with radiation to your left jaw or arm.

Cardiac causes of chest pain are the most deadly; I always advise my patients with chest pain to be come in and be evaluated for a cardiac cause with an ECG and lab tests. Therefore, you should be evaluated by your primary care physician or your cardiologist. If the chest pain worsens or is associated with the above symptoms, then you should call an ambulance to take you to the nearest emergency room as it may be a sign of a serious cardiac condition.

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