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I fell down on friday and gauged my elbow. A small piece of meat was hanging and I cleaned it with peroxide adn neosporin. I broke it open tonight and clear bloody fluid drained out. I woke up two days ago with mod. to sev. pain in my forearm ext. I am wondering if this is from an infection and how severe it could get. I have no insurance and no money so going to the doctor would have to be damn near life and death.

From what you are describing, you could have an infection of the soft tissue; the severity of infection depends on your immune system and the type of bacteria. With increasing bacterial resistance, neosporin is less and less effective at treating local wound infections.

Soft tissue infections range from cellulitis to necrotizing fasciitis. Signs of infection include pain, tenderness, swelling, warmth, and erythema (redness of the affected area). If your symptoms do not improve or worsen, you should be evaluated by a physician. In addition, you develop fever, severe pain, notice increasing redness/swelling, you should seek medical attention immediately.