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I fell straight down onto a hard granite tile floor and landed on my nose. I have an X shaped cut, my nose hurts and I have pain and swelling and red bruising on the inner part of teh skin near my eyes and starting on my cheeks also. Should I go to the doctor or home remedy?.

With any severe fall and head trauma like you are describing, prompt medical evaluation is warranted – especially if you lost consciousness. There is a high risk for orbital fractures with high impact facial trauma and you will need a physical exam focusing on your head as well as your eyes to check if you have any blurry vision, blind spots, and if your eyes have full ranges of motion.

A head CT may also be warranted to evaluate for any bleeding around your brain and the integrity of your facial bones. Finally, if there is any damage to the bones around your eyes or if your eye exam is abnormal, an opthalmology consult would be needed to further evaluate your vision.