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i am female 20 years of age my question is that my periods have always been regular and for the last 4 months they have been getting shorter and lighter and now i havnt had one this month but there is some light pink dishcharge and only recently have i had unprotected sex and its way to soon to tell if im pregnant and so far i havnt tried anything besides the waiting game the only things that i can find abnormal for me is light cramping almost like a period feeling tender breasts and fatigue and always thirsty.

You have some very vague symptoms. A careful evaluation and blood tests by your primary care physician is warranted to evaluate the possibility of pregnancy, your vaginal/breast symptoms, and fatigue/thirst. Based on your symptoms, though, it seems as if you might have an issue with your thyroid or it could be pregnancy – an evaluation by your primary care physician would be able to determine the cause of your issues.