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Was gaining about 2 lbs a week and then had gallbladder surgery, still gaining weight. All blood work is normal.

Weight loss is not the goal of a cholecystectomy (gall bladder surgery). To achieve adequate weight loss, one must limit their caloric intake and exercise regularly. People generally require about 2000 calories per day; with extra calories will increasing a person’s weight. For your reference, one pound of body fat is approximately 3500 calories so eating 500 extra calories a day would make you gain 1 lb per week. We generally recommend people who are motivated to lose weight to aim for 1 – 2 hours of aerobic exercise per day.

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  1. I have brownish sperm. Is this normal?
  2. What could cause my good cholesterol to go down and my bad cholesterol to go up and how can I lower my sodium and Cholesterol? If it was not for the General Surgeon that I seen I would not have known. Please let me know. Also about 2 years ago I was finally able to get out of the wheel chair but I still have problems with my legs going dead when I twist a certain way. I had to have an L-4 L-5 spinal fusion due to trauma to my back, I do have spinal bifida occolta (spelling?) could that be causing my legs to still go dead? Where I have no feeling or movement in them for the shortest time is a few hours to a few months at a time. Since I have been out of the wheel chair I have been trying to exercise regularly until my back starts to hurt again (aporox 3 blocks of walking) Cancer does run really high in my family but according to my primary doctor I do not have any of the signs. My mother went undiagnosed with her gall bladder leaking for years, my general surgeon is looking into that for me as well. I am due to have an ultra sound sometime this week. I had asked you about my D-Dimer and the stomach pain. I am going for my colonoscopy tomorrow at 11:45am Hopefully it can show some answers.
  3. I have been sick for quite some time with stomach problems and lung problems. I recently had a D Dimer done which resaults were 2.0 as well on a ct scan they found There is atelectasis in the lingula anterolaterally and inferiorly. Atelectasis versus scarring is seen in the midaspect of the lung bases. There is a tiny, non calcified nodule in the left major fissure measuring 0.4 cm in diameter. That was directly from the resaults. Quite a few family members including aunts uncles and mother had blood clots in their lungs. As well my grandfather passed of lung cancer when I was about 12 years old. Is there any advice you can give me? I have tried getting answers from my primary who just blows me off stating I have mood problems (which they said I had right after the lose of my 25 day old son so yes I would be majorly depressed.) I have tried getting answers for a while now with no real answers just that it is in my head because “I have Depression due to the lose of my son.” This same doctor tried telling me that all my lower left abdominal pain was from a cyst on my overy which I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis by a different Dr who ordered a colonoskopy(spelling?) My dr wanted me to cancel that procedure which I am not going to because I feel that procedure is nessasary to find the full cause of my stomach pain but my dr perscribed 2 antibiotics because my wbc was elevated. (he said that was caused because of diverticulitis yet according to him I dont have that) I know it dont make since. Also when I eat certion foods my stomach pain gets worse.
  4. I have a puss like substance leaking from my penis. it stinks and makes my penis stik to my underwear. sumtimes its solid white and sumtimes its yellow. there was only one time since this has happened that it burned very slightly when i urninated, but thats happened before when i was never sexually active. what could this be?
  5. Dear doctors, following several months of heavy-head, moderate but long lasting headaches, nausea as well. I’ve been recommended by my doctor to do an MRI scan after which we found out that i have a pineal gland cyst of 9mm size. would this be directly linked to the symptoms I’m having? My doctor said that the cyst had nothing to do with my headaches & that it’s migraine. what should i do regarding the pineal gland cyst? should it be monitored periodically? & in what cases is it considered serious? thank you so much!