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I’ve been having headaches/migraines for about 10 years(26 years old now). The frequency of them vary from anywhere between once every few months to twice a week. I’ve gone to several doctors and neurologists and have tried all sorts of migraine medications with not much success. I have not had any tests run such as an MRI or CATSCAN. I have kept a journal to try to find what may trigger these: food, lack of sleep, stress, caffeine, menstral cycle, etc. I have noticed that the symptoms are almost always the same. I normally wake up with them. I have no sensitivity to light, however I’m very sensitive to sound. The pain is always in my left eye brow, my left eye, behind my left eye, and bone of my left eye socket, and the top of both the bottom and top of my teeth (only on my left side). I also get nauseaus and vomit with them. I am planning on going to a dentist now because I am thinking now that it may be TMJ. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and anovulation. At first I thought it may be related to hormonal imbalances. Any suggestions I would greatly appreciate.

Your symptoms are indeed consistent with migraines even without sensitivity to light. Keeping a journal of triggers/activities is an excellent way to determine the cause of your migraines. A CT scan may not be helpful but if your physician suspects an intracranial lesion, an MRI may be the best test. Some women experience estrogen-withdrawal migraines when on birth control pills. In addition, women who have PCOS have hormonal imbalances that affect their migraine threshold. Lastly, your physician may elect to prescribe medication to help control your migraines such as methysergide, beta blockers, valproic acid, etc.

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