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I’ve heard about a research that people with good social skills have a larger orbifrontal cortex than people who don’t. And the resarch said this can be CHANGED,that, if some part of the brain enlarges, you will turn into a more social person,and finally that social skills have to do with the brain, Are there any supplements that enlarges the orbifrontal cortex??

Please refer to the answer here: http://www.mdtalks.com/pills-like-omega…

In short, there are many theories regarding development of certain areas of one’s brain but simply increasing size alone does not necessarily mean increasing function. Increased function requires increased USE to increase the neuron density. Therefore, ACTIONS such as increasing socialization will invariably lead to improved social skills and increased neuron density in the orbitofrontal cortex – something that no supplement can reproduce. There have yet to be any scientific studies that definitively prove certain areas of the brain can be increased in size or elevated in function by nutritional supplements.

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