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I had a heart attack in 1992. Over the past 12 months things have happened at home 2 deaths and family problems. I have not taken my medication since then my husband has had a stent fitted 2 weeks ago and needs looking after. I’m too scared to go back to the doctor and feel stupid. I feel ok, should I go see the doctor? I feel fine.

You should definitely keep your follow-up appointment with your doctor and also restart your medication immediately.

A history of a heart attack (myocardial infarction) is not something to take lightly – you are at increased risk of another heart attack. You’ve fallen on some hard times over the last 12 months and recently have not been taking your medication.

I counsel my patients to always remember to take care of themselves as well as taking care of others. Good doctors will never belittle or insult their patients for not taking their medications but instead will find out why they have been forgetting to take the medications. In your case, you have been too busy taking care of your husband. But do not forget to take care of yourself. You are at increased risk for a heart attack and will not be able to take care of him if you suffer another heart attack.

Just because you feel fine does not mean that there isn’t underlying disease. The purpose of your medication such as aspirin, simvastatin, and sotolol is to make sure your blood pressure and cholesterol is under control so you don’t experience another heart attack. Once you start feeling symptoms, it may be too late.

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