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Hi, during the past year, I’ve loss so much hair due to shedding (long strands). I thought perhaps it was due to menopausal symptons and some stress, but once I began paying more attention, I’ve noticed the following: * mostly in the crown area of my head I have quite a bit of scalp tenderness; * Sometimes it itches (seemingly from beneath my scalp) * I have my hair colored every 6-8 weeks (for several years now) with a professional colorist. * Hair thinned in that area couple w/extreme breakage * This past weekend, my colorist payed much more attention to the crown area and notice very tiny, red spots in that specified area. She took photos of healthy scalp and that crown area to show the difference.

Female alopecia (hair loss) is often quiet distinct from male hair loss. The common culprits can be genetic, stress induced (dieting, surgery, child birth, etc.), medical conditions (thyroid disorders, anemia, chronic conditions, etc.), as well as direct damage (hair coloring, hair products, hair styling etc.).

From what you are describing, your hair loss appears to be caused by a mix of coloring and styling that results in brittle hair and unhealthy scalp. Here are some tips to keep your hair and scalp healthy:

– Washing your hair daily can strip it of protective oils. Wash your hair every other day and once or twice a week during the dry winter months.
– Use a mild moisturizing shampoo
– Try not to blow dry your hair as excessive heat can damage the hairs and follicles. But if you must, keep it at a cool temperature and hold it at a comfortable distance from your head.
– Avoid hair products such as sprays creams, gels, or lotions as they may clog the hair follicles and damage the hairs themselves.
– Avoid hair coloring, perming, straightening as the chemicals and heat damage the hairs as well as your follicles.

You may also consult a dermatologist or physician specializing in hair care to be evaluated and discuss your options.