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I have a husband disabled from stroke, and a son who has seizures that started when he was 18, and i was told by a doctor that has seen both husband and sun I was the cause. Is this possible? What can i do about it?

From your question, there does not appear to be any medical condition that points to one person as the cause of both seizures and strokes. Seizures can be caused by genetics, intracranial masses, drugs/alcohol/medications, fevers/infections, injuries, or metabolic disorders. Strokes are either ischemic or hemorrhagic. Ischemic strokes are caused by either embolic events (a clot breaking off and lodging in a vessel of the brain) or thrombotic events (a narrow vessel clots off). Hemorrhagic strokes are a result of an intracranial bleed caused by anatomic defects of blood vessels, high blood pressure, or drugs/medications.