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“I analyzed on the Hepatitis C a week ago. The answer was following : Hepatitis C-virus-RNA positive; Bilirubin total 0.6; ALT (GPT) 95; AST (GOT) 70; GGT 24. I also did Fibroscan and the result was 4.9. Blood examination and liver Doppler Ultrasound is according to the norm. I would like to know, what does these answers mean. Is this connected with the serious complications?” I asked you this question a week ago and you have given me very exhaustive answer,thank you very much for this,but I would like to know,according to these results,is there any inevitability of treatment with Interferon? Thank you in advance.

It is impossible to determine which patients will require interferon or ribavirin treatment for hepatitis C because the rate of progression fibrosis significantly varies among patients. You would need to trend your lab results, determine your viral load, and identify which viral genotype you have. Most patients do well with conservative management such as maintaining a healthy diet, adequate hydration, and abstinence from alcoholic beverages or liver-toxic drugs.

Approximately 50% of infected patients go on to develop chronic hepatitis C and about 50% of those with chronic hepatitis C do not respond to therapy. Genotypes 2, 3, and 4 have the most substantial rates of response to treatment.

The bottom line is that each patient is different and treatment should be initiated by your hepatologist or gastroenterologist after carefully considering your condition and goals of treatment.

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