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I have missed my last 2 menstrual cycles. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and they have all been negative. Am I pregnant? Any other suggestions on what could be wrong? I Have not felt sick at all.

If your periods have been regular up to now, then then there may be a chance of pregnancy. However, certain stressors such as excessive exercise or dieting can decrease the frequency of your periods and even stop them altogether.

Urine or blood hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) tests are routinely ordered 10 or more days after a missed period. The sensitivity of for over the counter urine hCG pregnancy tests varies between 90-97%. Blood hcg tests are more sensitive at 97-99% and they can actually quantify the amount of hCG circulating in the blood. Depending on the test, levels between 20 to 100 mIU/ml of hCG is considered positive for pregnancy. Since you are on birth control – which is unlikely to have any effect on the pregnancy test – if you have had 3 negative pregnancy tests at least 10 days after your missed period, it is unlikely that you are pregnant.

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  1. Me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time at the end of December, (we used a condom which I’m pretty sure did not break) and I was on microgynon so I never worried about pregnancy. My next withdrawal bleed was possibly a day late and slightly lighter, but when this came I was reassured I was safe. Pretty much straight after this bleed, I had an accident on my leg which caused me to have multiple xrays and scans – I was asked if ‘there is any chance you could be pregnant?’ to which I answered no but it got me thinking again. Since then I’ve been having symptoms which I know can be brought on by me worrying about it. I took a pregnancy test just to be sure which came out negative (around 6/7 weeks after sex) I had to stop taking microgynon (with 4 left in the strip) on the same day due to needing surgery on my leg, and four days later I had a normal withdrawal bleed (like the others since being on microgynon) and when this bleed ended, I took another hpt (with my first wee of the day) which also came out negative. Could I still be pregnant or is it extreme paranoia? (I was taking the full doses of ibuprofen for two weeks due to my leg, I possibly developed a reaction to this which could account for some symptoms?) SYMPTOMS – Bloating, urinating little and often, slight nausea, gas, slight constipation.
  2. I recently stopped taking my thyroid medication (Armour thyroid, 30 mg/day) three weeks ago. I had been taking it for approximately 1 and a half years, but my doctor wanted me to take another blood test with it out of my system to see if I still need it. I was due to get my period about 2 days ago, and have not gotten it yet. Is it possible that discontinuing thyroid medication can effect menstrual cycle? If so, when should I expect to get my period?
  3. I am 26 years old. I was on the depo injection for three years and came off it over a year ago. I have not had a period since before I went on the injection. I am worried because in the past six months I have put over 3 stones on, I have sharp pains in my lower abdomen and pelvis and aching in my back. I also feel constantly sick and often am, I have constant diarrhea and sometimes can go to the toliet 7 times a day, and my upper abdomen is sore to touch. My doctor did a scan on my ovaries and they were fine but will not do anything else for me I am in pain and I think that this is wrong.
  4. I’m 17 and I’m on birth control and I’ve missed a period can you please help me?
  5. I am a 50 years old and had a total hysterectomy 4 1/2 years ago. I have never been on replacement hormones, due to a tia 6 months after my total hysterectomy. I have recently been dx with high choletrol 319 and a low Vit D level. I am taking Vit D 50,000UI 2x week, and a daily med for cholestrol. I suffer from What I call Hot Flashes everyday. This has been going on for along time (years) I get a sick feeling in my stomache, my vision gets slightly blurred, my heart pounds rapidly,and I sweat terribly. My question is- How many is normal? Yesterday I journaled them-I had 8 during the day and 4 during the night. Yesterday was actually a good day? Thank you for your help.