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My mom taking polynerve 1000mg. I’m not so sure this medication.I believe it has contains of Vitamin B1 and B6. My mom been taking this medication without the doctor prescription. My question is that safe or good for her taking that medication? What are the side effects? Is that over the counter medication? She said, she likes that medication because it has a little improvements on her legs.She said she feel like more stronger and she could feel it more when you touch it. I’m just afraid if it is really good for her or not. I don’t know really about it. That’s the only medication she been taking. Thank you very much!

“Polynerv” is a high dose vitamin B complex (B1, B6, B12) dietary supplement used to treat vitamin B deficiencies as well as neurogenic pain. It not safe to take drugs or supplements without the approval of your doctor as there is a risk of over-medication and medication interactions. In terms of Polynerv, the most common side effects are related to overdosing on Vitamin B1, B6, or B12 which can lead to skin rashes, hypersensitivity to sun, mental status changes, as well as diarrhea. To determine if Polynerv would benefit your mother, she should be evaluated by her physician.