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I am about a little over six months pregnant. I am having this pain in my lower back and my lower abdomen. It is causing me not able to walk because it is very painful. When i sit it hurts a little but when it is time for me to get up and walk the pain is very harsh. wanted to know what could be going on?

Back pain during pregnancy is to be expected As the uterus expands, your spine is stressed to support the weight. This straining of your back produces lower back pain that is often experienced during pregnancy. You can attempt to alleviate the pain with good orthopedic support of your feet and arches, sleeping on your side, lifting objects with your legs, or massaging your back.

Lower abdominal pain is often experienced during pregnancy as well and can be a result of increased abdominal pressure, constipation, or a sign of a more serious medical condition. Either way, you should consult your obstetrician for additional tips and to be evaluated for your back and lower abdominal pain. You should especially seek medical attention if you are experiencing intense pain, contractions, or vaginal bleeding.