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I usually have a muscular stomach. I worked my abs for the first time in about a year, a week ago. For the past 3 days, my lower abdomen has been swollen to the point that when I walk it even jiggles, which is extremely abnormal for me considering how flat and tight my stomach usually is. Also, It’s sore to raise my arms or stretch my stomach. I was wondering if this was a pulled muscle or some other work out related injurgy, and if it’s normal? Or should I seek medical attention?

A muscular injury resulting in swelling and inflammation is a likely explanation for your symptoms but without a physical exam, it is difficult to accurately diagnose your condition. Over the counter pain killers can be used if you experience moderate discomfort. If the swelling does not improve within a week or if it worsens, you develop a fever, shortness of breath or intense pain, you should seek medical attention.