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Lately I have noticed that my either my skin on my face or my breath has had a smell that resembles peanut butter. I have noticed the smell mostly when I am in the shower in the morning. This afternoon my husband noticed it also and asked if I had been eating peanut butter, which I had not. What could this be from?

There are a number of factors that contribute to body odor from skin products to diet to medications to medical conditions. Sometimes these smells can blend together to produce a familiar odor.

Skin products such as soaps and lotions contain fragrances and the oils/spices that we eat (olive oil, curry, etc.) can add scent to our body fluids. Diabetics can have a fruity odor especially if they have extremely elevated blood sugars.

Having a peanut butter odor is something of a rarity. If you are concerned that you have an underlying medical condition, you should go see your primary care physician for a physical exam and blood work.