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I noticed a small bruise on my tongue looks black and blue when i looked underneath my tongue it looks discolored on one side all purple looking very slightly sore what could this be?

There are a number of lesions in the mouth that are consistent with what you describe. They include: simple bruises, amalgam tattoos, or a melanocytic nevi.

Biting your tongue can cause a simple bruise to occur. These can be painful but will resolve within a few days.

If you have amalgam dental fillings, the lesion in your mouth could be an amalgam tattoos. These lesions are often found in on the gums, cheek, tongue, palate, or lips of people with amalgam fillings and are a result of metal particles becoming embedded in the tissue of the mouth. These lesions are benign but are permanent.

Melanocytic nevi are “moles” that occur in the mouth. Only a biopsy can tell if the nevi are benign or if it is a rare melanoma of the oropharynx.

Therefore, you should see your primary care physician or your dentist to have the area examined and determine if a biopsy is warranted.