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Last night I noticed a small dark dot on the right side of my tongue. It looks as if someone jabbed my tongue with a ballpoint pen, or even something smaller. It’s color could be anything from dark-dark blue to black/brown… It doesn’t hurt at all, nor does it bleed. I bite the sides of my tongue and noticed that the dot is right on the edge of a tooth mark. I’ve recently began seriously taking care of my teeth, flossing once a day, brushing twice, and using a tongue scraper in the morning. The night before last I ate a bowl of bran flakes rather quickly and ended up cutting the inner gums on my lower right side pretty well… but I’m not sure if the dot and the cuts are related.

The dot and cut could be related. Biting your tongue or eating bran flakes can cause a simple bruise to occur similar to the lesion you are describing. These can be painful but will resolve within a few days.

If you have amalgam dental fillings, the lesion in your mouth could be an amalgam tattoo. These lesions are often found in on the gums, cheek, tongue, palate, or lips of people with amalgam fillings and are a result of metal particles becoming embedded in the tissue of the mouth. These lesions are benign but are permanent.

Bran flakes should not be able to cut your gums that easily. If you haven’t been to your dentist, you should be evaluated for gingivitis and also have him/her evaluate the lesion on your tongue.