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I had an operation one year ago to remove a mass from my uterus. The surgeon also said she would check to see if my fallopian tubes were blocked as I have fertility issues. After the surgery she told me that my left fallopian tube was blocked. She did not have to remove the tube as it was not connected to the mass. I had surgery 2 days ago hoping that my surgeon could unblock the tube only to be informed in the recovery room that my left tube was non existent. How can a fallopian tube just disappear???????

Each patient is different. Without a detailed history, physical exam, and supportive diagnostic tests, it is impossible to specifically answer your question. There are a number of genetic conditions in which the fallopian tube either does not develop or develops abnormally. However, it is highly unlikely that a fallopian tube would “disappear” over the course of one year. The best person to answer the question would be your gynecologist, a fertility expert, or the gynecologic surgeon who took you for your operation one year ago to remove the uterine mass.