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I had a few polyps removed on my last coloscopy. When should I be getting my next one?

After a polypectomy, the next step in surveillance depends on the amount of polyps removed and what type of polyps they were:
If the polyp was benign, then follow-up is with a standard colonoscopy in 5-10 years.
If a single subcentimeter tubular adenoma was discovered and removed. A repeat colonoscopy is warranted at 5 years unless contraindicated.
If three or more adenomas were found and removed, a follow-up is recommended between 1 and 3 years.
If a sessile polyp was discovered and removed, the site should be inspected again by colonoscopy in 3-6 months and then again within a year.
Consult your gastroenterologist as (s)he may have more specific recommendations for you.