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I have red itchy bumps on my body, mostly on my arms and stomach, but on my neck, feet and legs too. Ive been getting these bumps for quite a few months now..but i thought they would go away, apparently not. At first i thought i had bedbugs, washed all my bed covers, and exchanged mattresses. But the bumps kept coming. What do i have and how to get rid of it?

First you must determine what the red bumps are a result of. With a physical exam, your physician can determine if the bug bites are secondary to a inflammatory reaction, allergic reaction, or if it is secondary to bug bites. Only after you determine the cause of the bites can you begin treatment.

Given that the lesions are distributed throughout the body, it seems likely to be a systemic reaction and less likely to be bed bugs. However, fleas may also produce a similar pattern.