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ok so ever since i can remember i have had like body aches. i crack my finger, back, neck, almost everything or it hurts bad. i get frequent headaches. i have been diagnosed with bi-polar depression-almost a little over a year ago, then after that bad anxiety, then lately A.D.D but nothing was taken seriously and im no longer on any medications. last summer i got strep -guttate psoriasis for 3 months (it sucked and was bad) the only thing that worked was getting my tonsils out. after that i started getting like hot flashes and chills here and there during the days or nights and i also have a dry cough ive had for a couple months that wont go away. okay now that past few weeks have been the worst. so ive been feeling kinda sick and my stomach hurts a bit through out the day and ive been having diarrhea (ew) and this acidic burn which is whats bothering me the most. nights are the worst just because im laying down and when i lay down the acidic burn in my stomach goes straight to the back of my throat. it hurts and i feel like im gonna throw up but i manage to keep it down at least that far. this week ive gone to the bathroom almost 7 times a day and 2-3 of those were unpleasent up-set stomachs. idk im just sick of always being sick and i want to know what wrong with me

Most of your symptoms appear to be constitutional. In other words, they are unspecific and associated with a number of diseases and conditions. Further evaluation will be needed for them.

With regards to your reported symptom of an acidic burn in the back of your throat that is worse at night, the most likely diagnosis is acid reflux. You should avoid highly acidic foods such as orange juice, spicey foods, coffee, beef, chocolate, etc. Over the counter drugs such as omeprazole are often very effective at treating acid reflux.