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My son is 7. He has encopresis (his accidents have slowed to about once a week now). He falls a lot, clumsy, runs into objects like curbs or shelves at a store. His falling is a daily occurrence. He fell last night and fell three more times when trying to get off of the ground. I had to physically help him up. He is extremely sensitive to noise, as a baby he would cover his ears and cry if there was a loud noise. He has normal hearing according to the ENT doctors here. He tells me that the “fast cars” distract him at school (he can hear the cars going down the street outside of his school). If he gets close to my mouth or nose he will tell me that I am breathing loudly. He tells his friends to get out of his face or covers his ears because they are “giving him a headache” or just too loud. He has problems putting his feelings/thoughts into words. A lot of times we are left trying to interpret what he says or asking him questions trying to figure out what’s going on with him….for instance he was hit at school once and came home with a black eye. He told me one story, told his teacher a different story and told his sister another. We still don’t know who hit him but he knew that he was hit and that it wasn’t from falling. He gets upset and cries over strange things like being told to go to the bathroom before we leave for the park. He gets frustrated when things aren’t going right. He is easily fatigued. He is on the lazy side, his arms and legs are “floppy” if you carry him he doesn’t hold on he just hangs. He is constantly moving or fidgeting. He makes good grades in school but he has to be constantly told to do his work. I find myself trying to get his attention a lot, especially when we are in the car and I cannot be close to him or turn around and look at him. We are being sent for a neurological evaluation but I am curious what these symptoms are indicative of??

Your son appears to have multiple neurologic symptoms that suggest either a neurologic disorder, an endocrine disorder, or a metabolic disorder. Your son’s symptoms are too vague to narrow down into a specific diagnosis without proper medical workup. That he has these symptoms at a young age is suggestive of a genetic syndrome. A detailed neurologic evaluation as well as evaluation for metabolic disorders and genetic diseases is warranted for your son.

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