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This is regarding my son aged 7 years (normal built with 24 Kgs weight), who falls sick with fever, cold etc. almost every month or two months, every time he was been being prescribed antibiotics, muco / bronco dialators, medamol, etc and some times steriod like prednisolone also (for 3 or 5 days), blood test, X ray gave normal results, and everytime he was diagnoised for viral infection by pediatricians. One more doctor whom I had to consult because regular pediatrician was not available, told that he needs strength and immunity has to be improved and prescribed medicines such as Longefine DS (buclizine hydrochloride), neogadine, fortuss-B, Allerbay for three months, which has been administered for two months and he seems to be improving and even though he had mild cold etc it went off on its own without the necessity of antibiotics, earlier it never used to subside before antibiotics were administered. May I kindly be informed whether these medicines are safe, or there any side effects, whether this method of treatment is OK. I am asking these things because normally we cannot talk to doctor all these things when we go for consultation due to long queues of patients waiting, hence I have opted for this website for clearing my doubts.

Longefine DS is a brand name for the generic drug buclizine – an antihistamine used to decrease mucous production and associated symptoms of allergic reactions or seasonal allergies. Side effects are generally mild and include drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, constipation, insomnia, depression, dry mouth, urinary retention, abdominal pain, weight gain.

Neogadine is an exlixir of vitamins and minerals sold as a supplement. Its ingredients include magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin B complex. Its purpose is to boost the immune system. Side effects are consistent with hypervitaminosis or overdosing on any of the ingredients.

Fortuss-B is a brand name for the generic drug dihydrocodeine – a cough suppressant. Side effects include itching, flushing, hyperactivity, and constipation.

Allerbay is an Ayurvedic elixir that is sold as a nutritional supplement. The manufacturer claims it decreases cough while boosting the immune system. The ingredients are proprietary and the elixir does not appear to have any scientific support in its claims.