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I am suffering from Pimples and heatballs on my face. This is all of a sudden from past 3 months. Everyday there will be 3 healtballs/pimple will pop up and also those are also leaving black marks on my face which make my face look ugly. I have taken birthcontrol pill recently and many said the pimples are because of hormonal changes. Can anyone help to get rid of these immeditaely. What are the home remedies I can use. I stay in India.

From your question it appears that you are suffering from acne vulgaris – a common skin disease affecting 70-80% of the world’s population at some piont during their lives. Acne vulgaris is characterized by comedones, papules, pustules, and nodules on the face, upper chest, and back. However as you are past the age of puberty and your acne appeared three months ago when you first started taking birth control pills (oral contraceptives), it is very likely that your acne is being caused by these birth control pills.

Birth control pills that contain high levels of synthetic progesterone analogs (especially older versions of birth control) are more prone to cause acne because they can mimic male puberty hormones. The synthetic progesterone cause increase oil production in your sweat glands to induce acne formation on your face, upper chest, and back. Therefore, it appears that the best way to treat your recent onset of acne would be to change your oral contraceptive pill to a formulation that has less progesterone or a newer version of synthetic progesterone.

In fact, certain birth control pills haven been proven to improve acne in women. These estrogen-progestin combination birth control pills have a newer version of synthetic progesterone that doesn’t induce oil production and are actually approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat acne in women. These pills include:
-Ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone (Estrostep)
-Ethinyl estradiol / drospirenone (Yaz)
-Ethinyl estradiol / norgestimate (Ortho Tri-Cyclen)

Therefore, you should visit the doctor who prescribed you the birth control pills for an evaluation and possibly switch to a different birth control pill.