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A week ago my right hip popped while I was streching in gym. Eventually it got better but then it popped again the other day as well as today while I was dancing at a dance competition. It now really hurts to walk and to sit without it almost fully extended as well as to put pressure on it. The pain feels pretty deep. My parents never take me to the doctors so there’s no way I can go or take medication. What may I have done and what should I do to help it heal?

Iliopsoas tendonitis is a relatively common condition among young athletes. Much like the symptoms you are describing, the condition presents with a popping/snapping sensation and audible sound at the hip when extended or flexed. Pain and inflammation usually ensues.

The treatment of choice involves resting and icing the affected area while maintaining adequate hydration. You may take ibuprofen to control the pain. In addition, you should avoid strenuous activity or exercise such as running, weight lifting, and sports.

If the symptoms do not resolve with conservative management or worsen, you should be evaluated by your primary care doctor. A physical exam and ultrasound of the hip joint can diagnose most anatomic abnormalities. In addition, an X-ray or MRI of the affected area may also be indicated.