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One week post cataract surgery. Dilated iris still bothersome. Will this heal by itself with time? Any medication that might be successful? Vision is superb. 84 yr. old male.

There are a number of factors that could be contributing to your dilated pupils. With certain surgeries, eye drops are prescribed post-operatively to keep the pupil dilated so that the intraocular lens implant will properly take to the eye. In these cases, the eye will remain dilated until you stop taking the drops.

In rare cases, the pupil may be permanently dilated from the surgery. This is extremely rare unless there was a surgical complication or abnormal reaction to the eye drops used during the surgery.

It is inappropriate for anyone to recommend any medication without knowing your medical history and performing a detailed physical exam. Your ophthalmologist who performed your surgery should have scheduled you for a follow-up visit. It is appropriate at that time (or earlier if you are continuously bothered by your symptoms) to consult him about your dilated pupil and if any drops might help with the symptoms.