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I worked about 84 hours the week this started. that friday about 14 hours into the day I got a bad headache and roaring in my ears. I continued to work every day for the next two weeks but became obsessed about the job and talked about it nonstop. i would call my supervisor and ask the same questions over and over. i began to think i knew everything and was trying to tell everyone they were wrong and i was right. this got worse until i finally got so disoriented that i went to the wrong jobsite and forgot my daughter at school and began to think i was in a different state. i rested for three days and only after that did i even realize that something had happened to me to begin with. i have limited recollection of the events but everyone tells me they thought i was on drugs or something. i feel better now so do i go to the doctor now and what could have happened?

It appears that you have suffered from an episode of psychosis. Psychosis can be brought on by underlying psychiatric disorders or from sleep deprivation. It is likely that your episode is from the excessive stress and lack of sleep during your 84 hour work week. If you have no history of psychiatric disorders, there are no family members with psychiatric disorders (bipolar, schizophrenia, etc.), and this is an isolated incident, then no immediate psychiatric intervention is necessary as this episode is likely due to sleep deprivation. Otherwise, a psychiatric evaluation is warranted.