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I have had worms for over 10 years now, I tried doses of Zentel and Vermox and alleviation was just temporary as they are still there

It appears that you are still infected with helminths despite pharmacotherapy. Therefore, your first step is to re-evaluate your living situation and determine if you are re-infecting yourself. The most common mode of transmission for helminths is fecal-oral so the fecal waste in your area must be disposed of properly. Proper hand-hygiene is also necessary to prevent ingesting contaminated materials.

In addition, drugs such as Vermox (mebendazole) should be taken properly. For pinworm infections, the pill must be chewed and then swallowed with a repeat dose in two weeks to kill any remaining larvae. For whipworm, hookworm, or roundworm infections, you must chew one pill for 5 days and then repeat the drug course in 3-4 weeks to kill any remaining larvae.

Lastly, if these methods fail to control your worm infection, you should be evaluated for immunodeficiency.

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  5. Hello, I am 49 years old and a woman. I have alot of joint pain, in hips, shoulders, and feet hurt also. Told it is osteoarthritus. I took a pack of prednisone. When I took the ten pills for a couple of days, I felt so much better, but then as they tapered down back in alot of pain. I take a lot of Ibuprofen also. The doctor said my bone density test showed I have oseopenia. I am 130 pounds 5’3”. Lately especially at night , my arms near shoulder area will kinda jerk for no reason, sometimes arm jerks back kinda like a spasm, not painful just makes me feel real edgy and upset. Legs do this some too. If I use my arms alot or stand for very long hips hurt and shoulders and hard to raise my hands over my head. I have a 12 year old son and would love to play ball ect. with him but when i even pitch my arms ache really bad and even hard to sleep on them at night. Has a test for Lupus and Rhuematoid arthritus and they said they were negative. Please help. Bones make noise climbing stairs etc, a crinkly sound.