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Most Recently Answered Questions:

  • I am a nineteen year old female. I have one blister in my mouth on the right anterior pillar. It hurts to swallow. What could be the cause of this? I have no other symptoms and I have never had this happen before. I woke up two days ago with pain in my throat. I assumed it was a sore throat but I noticed that it hurt near the back of my mouth instead of the actual throat. I have not done anything treat the pain except eat a tablespoon of honey before going to sleep.
  • My mom is 65 and recently had cataract surgery performed with a Toric IOL lens implanted. Her vision was blurry after and had to have the posterior capsulotomy surgery done 6 weeks after. Her vision is still blurry and she is now being sent to Will's Eye in Philadelphia. Do you have any suggestions on what the problem could be?
  • Im 28 and been having dull pain in my lower pelvic area more on my left side but I feel it on my right just not as strong I feel it in my lower back its been a week now and no change any ideas of what it could be?
  • I had an operation one year ago to remove a mass from my uterus. The surgeon also said she would check to see if my fallopian tubes were blocked as I have fertility issues. After the surgery she told me that my left fallopian tube was blocked. She did not have to remove the tube as it was not connected to the mass. I had surgery 2 days ago hoping that my surgeon could unblock the tube only to be informed in the recovery room that my left tube was non existent. How can a fallopian tube just disappear???????
  • I've had a bump under the skin of my armpit for a few months but it hasn't been red or sore. It recently started oozing whitish, greenish puss with an odor. It's still not red, nor ever really looked like a pimple. What could it be? Maybe from an ingrown hair?