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Privacy Policy

To protect your privacy, follows the following principles for its user’s privacy and data protection.


We will ask you when we need information that personally identifies you (personal information) or allows us to contact you. Generally this information is limited to your Age, Gender, Past Medical History, and Email Address and is requested when you post a question to the site. The primary reason we obtain this information is tailor to provide the best answer your question without requiring you to identify yourself. If you choose not provide personal information, you can still use most of and browse answers submitted by other users. But you will not be able ask your specific question.


When you submit a question, your information will only be available to the team and only to selected contributors that can provide you with an answer to your question. The Age, Gender, and Past Medical History will be used to tailor the answer to the specific question. Once the question is answered, the Email Address will be used only to generate an automatic email to the user with a link to the question and response. We highly recommend that you do not include any identifying features in your question such as your Name, Mailing Address, Social Security Number, Phone Number, or Date of Birth.


Your question and all personal information including your Age, Gender, Past Medical History, and Email Address will only be available to the team for a limited time. Any information not pertinent to the question and answer will be deleted permanently and will not be posted in the question or the answer. After an email is automatically generated to the user once the question is answered, the user’s Email Address will permanently be deleted from our records. No User’s Email Address will be posted on our website. MDTalks does not engage in the selling or distribution of any user’s personal information to any third party. We do not keep records linking any user’s Email Address to any question.


Parents or guardians: we want to help you guard your children’s privacy. We encourage you to talk to your children about safe and responsible use of their Personal Information while using the Internet.