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I’ve had allergies since I was a child with runny nose and itchy swollen eyes. Benedryl makes me drowsy and Allegra doesn’t work that well. What is the strongest medication to relieve my allergies?

The standard treatment for seasonal and perennial allergic rhinoconjunctivitis (runny/itching nose and red/itchy/watery eyes) is often with over the counter second generation H1 Antihistamines (like allegra). There are other medication options you can explore with your primary healthcare provider. Many H1 antihistamines are available with pseudoephedrine which enhances relief of nasal congestion. Studies have shown second generation H1 antihistamines to have either similar or greater efficacy in relieving symptoms than topical cromoglycate, montelukast, and nedocromil. But the most effective drug at relieving allergic symptoms appears to be glucocorticoids (steroids). However, these drugs have a higher potential of causing side effects and should be used with caution and only after discussing the risks and benefits with your primary healthcare provider.

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